Floral Preservation
At Queen & i we have perfected the art of freeze drying flowers so that they look their best for years to come. Freeze drying flowers preserves the original shape and color of each bloom, petal and blossom with no loss of natural beauty. This makes freeze drying flowers one of the most sought-after wedding floral preservation techniques available today.
Flower Petal Jewelry

For a one-of-a-kind memento, we recommend our flower petal jewelry. We freeze dry your flowers and mold them into beads. The beads are then strung with the highest quality sterling silver findings resulting in a completely unique piece of wearable art. Each item is created with significant input from you to fit your own personal style.

Floral Preservation Design Guide
Queen & i has created the most comprehensive floral preservation design guide in the industry. The guide follows the step-by-step process we use in our studio to design each of our client's custom made shadowboxes. So wheather by a phone consultion or a studio visit, Queen & i will lead you through each step of the design process with great care and detail.