Floral Preservation Marked by Eminence and Distinction
Preserving Memories Through Floral Preservation

At Queen & i, we understand the value of preserving memories through flower preservation. In order to maintain the integrity of delicate blossoms, we have mastered the art of freeze-drying each bloom and petal. Freeze-drying flower preserving is the premier way to maintain the original shape and color of each flower, and produces superior results when compared to other floral preservation methods like air drying, pressing or silica gel. We use only the latest freeze-drying floral preservation technology, ensuring that your blooms will be preserved just as they come to us.

Because our clients rely on us to create beautiful keepsakes, especially if we're working on bridal flower preservation, we only work with the best raw materials for creating our displays to highlight our floral preservation, including bridal flower preservation. We exclusively offer Larson-Juhl moulding, makers of beautiful custom frames for over 100 years. Each display is meticulously handcrafted by Queen & i in our shop to ensure the highest level of quality for each piece.

In order to provide the best possible results, Queen & i designs and creates each box with attention and care. Using the exacting archival standards of the US Library of Congress's "Guide to Preservation Matting and Framing," our shadowboxes are matted and mounted with the Bainbridge ArtCare system. This system is used by museums and other institutions to protect some of the nation's most valuable artwork and historical documents.

A Unique Approach to Floral Preservation

We also use the top-of-the-line Wizard CMC 9000 computerized mat-cutting system, which allows for greater creativity in overall design. Cutting this way gives us the freedom to incorporate more artistic flourish than what would be possible by hand, giving each piece the look and feel of a work of art.

The finishing touches are as exacting as the rest of the process. Queen & i offers Tru-Vue glazing, the leading provider of glass casing to enhance, protect and beautify our final products. We give clients the choice between two of the company's best glazing options: Museum Glass and Conservation Clear.

Each of these details contributes to the museum-quality look of each Queen & i floral preservation piece. Flower preserving is an art form and because of this, Queen & i services book up quickly. If you're interested in floral preservation, especially bridal flower preservation, contact us today to create a distinct piece of art that will protect and preserve your memories for years to come!

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