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Floral Preservation Getting Started
Do You Work with Clients From All Over the United States?
Yes! Queen & i offers our unique services to clients through out the United States. We created our floral preservation design guide for our clients that are not able to visit our studio in person to make their display selection.
How soon should I reserve my spot for floral preservation?
Nearly 2 million weddings take place in the U.S. every year and Queen & i is only able to accept a select number of clients each week for flower drying. In order to reserve your bouquet preservation, you should book your floral preservation three to four months before your event.
How long does it take to freeze dry flowers for floral preservation?
Your flowers are considered a work of art and handled accordingly. The actual flower drying process takes 12-14 days. The entire flower drying and design process takes approximately 12 to 16 weeks.
What is Freeze Drying?
Freeze drying is a flower preservation process which allows us to dry flowers while maintaining their natural shape and color. Good Housekeeping Magazine has rated freeze drying the best method available today for floral preservation.
Can all flowers be freeze dried for flower preservation?
We have perfected flower drying for almost all types of flowers; however, we are unable to freeze dry Bouvardia and Shasta Daisies.
Do flowers change color through floral preservation?
Some colors, such as dark red, will tend to deepen in the bouquet preservation process. Whites may take on more of an ivory appearance. You must remember the flowers are being preserved and Mother Nature believes in changing the colors through flower drying. Preserved freeze dried flowers will keep their shape but color may change slightly.
How long will freeze dried flowers last?
Since the freeze-drying of botanicals began in 1989, it is still too early to say that freeze-dried flowers will last forever. However, if you follow these easy instructions, your bouquet preservation keepsake can last for years. All keepsakes must be kept away from insects, direct sunlight, humidity and all extreme temperatures once preserved. It's best if you keep your floral preservation keepsake in your coolest rooms throughout your house. This will ensure lasting color of your flowers and will delay color antiquing of your flower preservation.
Is a deposit required for floral preservation?
For wedding bouquet preservation a 350.00 deposit is required. The deposit will go towards the final price of the flower preservation display. The price includes the flower drying, designing of the flowers and the display itself. Deposits for bouquet preservation services are non-refundable.
How much does flower preservation cost?
Just like having a priceless work of art framed, the cost for flower preservation is based on a few key elements such as size, type of moulding, type of matting and type of glass. Please view the floral preservation pricing page for more details.
Do I need to pick my floral preservation display before the wedding?
No, you are not required to make a decision on which frame or display style you want when you place your floral preservation order. You should "reserve the date" and make a deposit for floral preservation at least three months prior to your wedding. If the wedding is less than three months away please contact us so we can make arrangements for your bouquet preservation.
Will I be able to see my flowers when I come in to choose my flower preservation display?
Your flowers will still be in the process of being preserved when you come in to choose your display. We take multiple pictures and measurements of the flowers before we start the preservation process. These pictures and measurements will be used to help in the bouquet preservation display section process.
When should I place my order for floral preservation?
All clients must call and "reserve the date" and place a deposit with us for bouquet preservation prior to the wedding date. We only work with a select number of clients each week and cannot guarantee our floral preservation service without a deposit.

Please note: We cannot guarantee our bouquet preservation service if your wedding has passed and you have not "reserved the date" with us and placed a deposit. Please make sure if you decide that you would like to have your flowers preserved, to contact us and "reserve the date" and place a deposit as soon as possible.
When do I need to select my bouquet preservation display?
You will need to select your display within 30 days from the date your flowers were received.
How soon do you need the flowers and how do I get them to you?
This is one of the most crucial points in the preservation process. The sooner we receive the flowers, the better the flower drying results will be.
If I add mementos to my floral preservation display (i.e. picture, invitation) how long do we have to bring or mail the mementos to you?
You would bring any mementos you would like to add to the final display with you when you come in within 30 days of your wedding to make your bouquet preservation display selection. The mementoes are needed during the display selection process to insure proper size of the display and proper placement within the display.
What happens if I don’t place my display order within 30 days following my wedding date?
Make sure you call us anytime within 30 days of your wedding to set up an appointment to make your floral preservation display selection. We will hold on to your flowers for up to 60 days following your wedding date.

If you have not placed your display order within 60 days, your flowers will get pulled from processing and will be mailed back to you as is, loose flowers in a strorage box, to the mailing address we have on file.
What brand of moulding do you offer for my framing choices?
We exclusively offer Larson-Juhl moulding, makers of beautiful custom frames for over 100 years. We have hundreds of different moulding choices to choose from and we will work with you do choose the perfect moulding for your display.
What brand of matting do you use?
We use Nielsen Bainbridge which introduced their patented Artcare technology in 1995 - the first and only mat and mount boards that actively protect artwork from the damaging effects of air pollution and acids generated by the artwork itself. The Artcare technology completely redefines the function of museum quality products.
Do you cut your matting by hand or do you use a computerized cutter?
We use a Wizard CMC 9000 computerized mat-cutting system, which allows for greater creativity in overall design. Cutting this way gives us the freedom to incorporate more artistic flourish than what would be possible by hand, giving each piece the look and feel of a work of art.
What brand glazing (glass) do you use and what type do you offer?
Queen & i offers Tru-Vue glazing, the leading provider of glass casing to enhance, protect and beautify our final products. We give clients the choice between two of the company’s best glazing options: Museum Glass and Conservation Clear.
What are my payment options for floral preservation?
Simply make a non-refundable "reserve the date" deposit of $350 prior to your wedding. This will allow us to reserve a place in our flower preservation equipment. No later than 30 days after the wedding you will come into our showroom to make your display selection. Once your bouquet preservation display decision has been made we will deduct the $350 deposit from the final price.

You have two options for paying the remanding balance for bouquet preservation:

You can pay the remaining balance for your display selection in full at the time you place your order.


Your remaining balance can be divided into two equal payments. The first payment is due at the time you make your display decision. The second payment is due when your flowers are ready to be picked up. A credit card is required if you choose the payment plan for floral preservation services. We accept cash, check, Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover.
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