Floral Preservation Marked by Eminence and Distinction
Floral Preservation Getting Started
How Does the Floral Preservation Process Work?

Using the latest in freeze-drying technology, Queen & i preserves each of our clients' special flowers with care and precision. Perfectly freeze dried flowers are the base for our floral preservation displays and shadow boxes, which is why we assure that each step of the freeze-drying process is handled attentively and professionally for beautiful floral preservation.

Disassembling the Bouquet

Once fresh flowers are received, they are photographed from several angles to capture even the smallest detail. The photos are stored in your personal file and are used to help you determine which flower preservation display will best suit your style. Next, we carefully disassemble the bouquet and rehydrate each piece, making a complete list of each flower and type of foliage. All the extra parts like pins, ribbons and pearls are gathered and stored with additional mementos like photos, announcements and invitations. These unique treasures will be placed with your flowers' photos and will be used to create your final floral preservation display.

Prepping the Flowers

Once they have been re-hydrated, each fresh flower is pre-treated with special solutions designed to shatterproof the preserved flowers, adding durability while setting natural colors. The solutions also open the cell structures of the flowers, ensuring the most efficient way to remove water during the floral preservation process.

Freeze-Drying the Flowers

Once prepped, the blooms are solidly frozen to -25º F in our custom-built floral freeze dryer. The freeze-drying occurs in a near-perfect vacuum, allowing ice crystals in the flowers to sublimate directly to water vapor. This water vapor is removed from the vacuum as we gradually raise the temperature to 70º F, leaving behind perfectly preserved flowers. Queen & i staff carefully wire and post-treat each of the freeze dried flowers with a layer of UV-inhibiting polymer, adding color enhancement to petals as needed.

Choosing Your Flower Preservation Design

To ensure the freshly-preserved flowers are able to be incorporated into the design of your choosing, it is essential that your final floral preservation display is selected no later than 30 days after we receive your flowers. At the time of your flower preservation design selection, the initial "reserve the date" deposit of $485 will be applied to the total and the final payment of $475v is due.

Once your flowers have been preserved, it will take 30 to 45 days to create the display you have selected. Using your special mementos and freshly-preserved flowers, Queen & i will create your stunning, one-of-a-kind flower preservation display. The whole process from start to finish takes approximately 3 to 4 months, depending on the season.

Perfection takes time. Because this work requires special care and expertise, we are only able to offer these services to a small, select number of clients each week. To reserve your date and ensure that you have a beautiful flower preservation showpiece, please contact us at least three months before your special day. Let us help you create a lasting memento through flower preservation!

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